CIE Results

‘Failure will not describe you. It will be an event in your life.’ My chemistry teacher’s voice ring in my ears as I try to calm this racing heart. I don’t know what to think. 14 hours remain till the results. I don’t know if I fear my disappointment more or my toxic father’s reaction to it.

I know I shouldnt be disappointed when it comes. I didnt work hard for it and you suouldn’t expect crops to grow without sowing seeds. But this heart that speeds up every now and then thinking about it.

‘It will not define me.’ I tell myself. I believe it too. I am more than that. I will rise back stronger after tomorrow’s setback. I will rise back so strong that it will stun my enemies. And people who will celebrate my downfall tomorrow will be speechless when I make a comback,

No matter what happens, i will get through it.

But the heart still beats madly.

Maybe I’ll do what I do best now and go to sleep. I’m slep deprived anyways.

If you are going through a similae feeling, know that no matter what happens, it will happen for good. Believe in where life tskes you. Give it your hest shot. If you have regrets, remedy them. Do NOT sit all alone harming yourself (both physically and mentally).

May the odds be ever in our favour. (Lol a HG fan)


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